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Welcome to the 24 hour cafeteria-shop at the Ukrainian-Polish car and foot customs passage "Shehini"
Ukraine and Poland. Frontier on the Western border of Ukraine and the Easten border of Poland. Customs. Automobile – Foot – Traffic Shegini – Medyka. We have wonderful connection. There are 13 km from us to the town of Przemysl (Poland) and 70 km from us to Lviv (Ukraine). Day and night taxis (both cars and minibuses) hawing the roate finial stop near us carry out regular runs to all the cities of Ukraine. Welcome to complex “00-24” around - the – clock. Cars hire. Our visitors are tourists and excursion groups, state and publick companies, organizations and establishments of variaus trends and profile, residents and nonresidents. Dear tourists, tourist firms and agencies of Ukraine, Western and Eastern Europe, travellers, guides we invite you to cooperation!
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